Does My Filling Need to Be Replaced?
By Gilbert Dental Care
September 26, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

A filling, one of the most common dental procedures available, is crucial to maintaining your dental health if you have tooth decay. This fillingsprocedure removes decay and protects the tooth against further damage, restoring its natural structure. However, fillings sometimes require replacement. Does your feeling need to be replaced? Find out with Dr. Steve Gilbert and Dr. Carlos Velez at Gilbert Dental in Philadelphia, PA.

What is a filling?
A dental filling repairs a decayed or damaged tooth. The filling itself is usually made up of composite resin materials. The materials are tooth-colored, ensuring a natural appearance which blends in with your tooth. A filling becomes necessary when your dentist removes a decayed or damaged portion of the tooth and needs to fill in the hole left behind.

Does my filling need replacement? 
Fillings are durable and effective, but, like any dental restoration, may require maintenance or replacement at some point. If a filling has become worn, cracked, or broken, it may need to be replaced. Your dentist can determine if your filling requires replacement using a dental x-ray, which will show any decay underneath the filling or abnormalities between the teeth which are impossible to see from the outside of the tooth.

Dental Fillings in Philadelphia, PA
If your filling requires replacement, your dentist will remove the existing filling and replace it with a new one. If your dentist suggests a filling replacement, you should follow through with the procedure as soon as possible to avoid a situation which may produce a toothache or require a more in-depth procedure. To avoid a damaged filling, try not to bite down on hard objects like ice. Also try to avoid sudden temperature changes caused, for example, by drinking cold water, then eating a hot bite of food. Those who have a teeth grinding habit should wear a night guard to protect their teeth.

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