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By Gilbert Dental Care
July 17, 2019
Category: Dental Treatments
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Find out how dental crowns could help improve your smile and how they can give you an increased sense of security when eating and dental-crownscommunicating. It’s a dental procedure that won’t take long to complete, and that comes with numerous benefits for your oral health and wellness. Talk to a dentist at Gilbert Dental Care in Philadelphia, PA, about dental crowns.

Dental Crowns and Your Smile
Your tooth enamel serves a number of important functions, including protecting the root and pulp of each tooth and allowing you to break down your food into small particles before its digested. When the enamel loses its strength and luster, one solution is a dental crown. A crown is a dental device, commonly formed out of porcelain material, that replaces old worn out enamel. Its bonded to your still-rooted tooth with a very strong bonding compound.

How Dental Crowns Help
Once placed by your Philadelphia, PA, dentist, a dental crown can last for up to seven years. Some patients have them for even longer than that due to regularly and consistent dental care. They reinforce vulnerable teeth, hide intrinsic discoloration, and close small gaps. Best of all, they have cosmetic benefits—dental crowns look smooth, polished, and well-contoured. They are sized to align with your other teeth and they are just the right shade of white for your unique smile.

Dental Crown Placement: How It Works
If you’re interested in knowing how your dental crown will be installed when you visit the dentist, this is what you can expect:

- At your very first visit, your dentist will take X-rays to check the overall stability of the tooth.
- At that same visit or the next one, damaged enamel will be removed from the affected tooth to make room for the crown. An impression will be taken.
- In a few weeks, you’ll return to the dentist’s office to have the custom crown permanently adhered to your tooth.

You Might Need Dental Crowns
The tooth-related challenges you’ve been experiencing for months or years could be fixable by simply adding a crown or crown-supported device. Call (215) 972-0406 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Steve Gilbert or Dr. Carlos Velez at Gilbert Dental Care in Philadelphia, PA.

By Gilbert Dental Care
January 25, 2019
Category: Dental Treatments
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Invisalign provides a more subtle straightening option than metal braces, but an improved appearance isn't the only benefit. Innovative Invisalign treatment, offered by your Philadelphia, PA, dentists, Drs. Steven Gilbert and Carlos Velez of Gilbert Dental Care, offers several important benefits.

Improvement of Bite Problems and Cosmetic Issues

Not so long ago, metal or ceramic braces were the only choices if you needed to correct a bite problem or didn't like the look of your crooked teeth. Although the braces were and are effective, they tend to draw unwanted attention to your smile.

The Invisalign system uses removable aligner trays worn over your upper and lower teeth. The trays are constructed of transparent plastic, making them practically invisible. The system is just as effective in correcting mild-to-moderate bite problems and most cosmetic issues as traditional braces. If your problem is complicated or severe, metal braces may be a better option.

Invisalign Offers Comfort and Convenience

Traditional braces can be a little uncomfortable at times. Loose wires poke your cheeks and gums, creating painful sores in your mouth. Adjustments needed to change the tension of brace wires may be necessary, but they're also a little uncomfortable.

"Adjustment" isn't a word you'll ever hear if you wear Invisalign aligner trays. The plastic trays exert constant, gentle pressure on your teeth and are replaced with new trays every two weeks. Every tray in the series is designed to accomplish a specific goal and is custom-created to address your orthodontic issue using Invisalign's CAD/CAM design process.

Oral hygiene becomes a time-consuming task when you wear metal or ceramic braces. Luckily, your usual oral hygiene routine doesn't change at all with Invisalign. Before you brush or floss, you'll remove the trays, then rinse and replace them when you're finished.

You also won't have to worry about food restrictions with Invisalign. In fact, you can continue to eat anything you want when you visit your favorite Philadelphia restaurant. Before the meal begins, you'll take out your aligners and put them in their case. Although you can drink water with the aligners in place, it's best to take them out if you plan to drink other beverages, as staining can be an issue.

Are you ready to find out if Invisalign is a good option for you? Call your Philadelphia, PA, dentists, Drs. Steven Gilbert and Carlos Velez of Gilbert Dental Care at (215) 972-0406 to schedule an appointment.

By Gilbert Dental Care
July 24, 2017
Category: Dental Treatments
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Brushing your teeth is almost surely one of the first things on your daily to do list. However, this important step should not be yourpreventative care only action against dental conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. Preventative care provided by your dentist helps stop these issues in their tracks and even avoid them from the get go. Find out more about preventative dental care with Dr. Steven Gilbert and Dr. Carlos Velez at Gilbert Dental Care in Philadelphia, PA.

What should a good at-home oral care routine consist of? 
Your daily dental routine is your first course of defense against tooth decay and the conditions that come with it. Patients of all ages and at all levels of risk for decay should brush their teeth twice daily using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. Try to brush for at least two minutes every time. Patients should also floss at least once daily using a new strand of dental floss for each quadrant of the mouth to cut down on the spread of bacteria. While mouthwash is not mandatory, those who choose to use it should avoid rinsing their mouth with water after swishing.

The Importance of Preventative Dental Care 
A preventative dental examination and cleaning gives your dentist a chance to find cavities and other conditions early before they do any irreversible damage to your teeth. Taking care of existing dental problems early allows your dentist to use less invasive and time-consuming procedures to treat them. It also gives you the chance to preserve your natural teeth, avoiding extraction and losing the tooth altogether. Additionally, finding tooth decay early prevents a toothache which occurs once it reaches the tooth’s inner pulp chamber and damages the nerve.

Preventative Care with Gilbert Dental in Philadelphia, PA
Seeing your dentist twice a year for routine examinations and cleanings in addition to your daily oral care will round out your preventative care routine. These examinations and cleanings take about an hour and free your teeth of any plaque and tartar which you may have missed during your daily brushing and flossing. For more information on preventative dental care in the Philadelphia area, please contact Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Velez at Gilbert Dental Care in Philadelphia, PA. Call (215) 972-0406 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!

By Gilbert Dental Care
May 25, 2017
Category: Dental Treatments
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Time to get a dental crown? A dental crown can strengthen your tooth and improve your smile. Dr. Steve Gilbert and Dr. Carlos Velez of Dental CrownsGilbert Dental Care in Philadelphia, PA, offer a full range of dental services, including crowns. Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about dental crowns.

Dental Crowns Overview

Dental crowns are "caps" that a Philadelphia dentist can put on teeth. Dental crowns are routinely used to restore badly decayed, chipped, weakened and damaged teeth. Crowns are typically bonded to the teeth using a dental cement. The crowns restore teeth to their normal, size and function. 

Types of Dental Crowns

All-metal crowns are made using gold or silver-colored dental alloys. Because this type of dental crown is made of metal, it will not break. All-ceramic crowns are made of a porcelain-based material. All-ceramic crowns deliver amazingly life-like results. Porcelain fused to metal crowns are connected to a metal structure. These crowns provide a stronger bond than all-ceramic crowns. 

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Broken and weakened teeth can be saved by covering them with a dental crown. Dental crowns are tough like natural tooth structure. They make the teeth stronger and improve the way they look. Crowns will give you the ability chew all of the foods you love again. They restore the structure of the teeth so you can eat in comfort and with confidence. 

If you are in need of a dental crown, why wait? We can help you today. Call Gilbert Dental Care at (215) 972-0406 today to schedule an appointment in Philadelphia, PA. Everybody deserves to feel good about their smile.